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North Star Academy provides a Core Knowledge education with an integrated Spanish language program that challenges students to meet their highest potential through differentiated academic instruction and rich social and cultural experiences within a safe, orderly and nurturing environment.


The founders of North Star Academy (NSA) spent over two years researching and developing the school's multi-faceted programs, taking into account parent and community feedback, community survey results as well as input from other charter schools and industry professionals.  The key ideas from this research culminated into the following principles that continue to serve as the foundation for the school's educational program today:

  • To offer a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to achieve at their highest potential
  • To provide an opportunity for children to learn a foreign language at an early age and be more respectful of other cultures, languages and traditions
  • To develop a program that effectively teaches students to be respectful and responsible participants in the school and community
  • To ensure that parents feel welcome at their child's school and have an opportunity to be actively involved in their child's education


The vision of North Star Academy was created during the summer of 2004 by a group of Highlands Ranch parents with a strong desire to create a more challenging and meaningful educational program for their children and the community at large.

The founding team was comprised of many wonderful parents, teachers and community members with diverse backgrounds who shared a common educational vision for the school.  The founders were responsible for creating the framework of the school, researching the various aspects of the school's curriculum, researching and writing the charter application, working with consultants, securing startup grant funds, marketing and enrollment, locating a temporary short-term facility and hiring our Founding Principal.

Today, many individuals from our founding team remain active within the school by serving on the Governing Board of Directors, participating in committees, and volunteering for many other projects critical to the success of the school.


NSA delivers a rigorous educational program driven by high standards and a research based curriculum.  Typically educators have identified skills to teach at each grade level, but content decisions are left to individual classroom teachers.  Therefore, a vast disparity of topics has been taught depending on the personal interests and expertise of individual teachers.  Curricula across schools and even within schools at the same grade level have been quite diverse, leading to inconsistency and learning gaps.

The Core Knowledge (CK) Series is a research based program founded by Dr. E.D. Hirsch and utilized by over 60 schools in Colorado.  Students are exposed to a variety of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that build from year to year in a sequential manner.  The ultimate goal is to ensure that all children are given access to the same knowledge base that assures later educational success.  NSA values the cultural language of the CK sequence that brings all children to a level playing field.  CK provides a clear outline of what children are expected to learn, therefore, decreasing learning gaps.  It also provides opportunities for learners to use higher order thinking and reasoning skills while motivating students to become life-long learners.  Furthermore, CK encourages cooperation among students, schools, and communities, providing many opportunities for parents and community members to become involved.


Good character is a critical part of NSA's educational program.  Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility, and Citizenship are the five character traits that NSA models and teaches.  Through character education, our students learn skills that will help them make life long, responsible and intelligent choices.  When children learn to make good choices, they are more committed to learning and develop habits that make them life-long readers and writers.  Our teachers reinforce character traits within the content of our rich curriculum.  For example, when reading Core Knowledge literature such as, The Little Engine that Could our Kindergarten teachers might have a discussion on excellence and what that looks like.  Each month, NSA focuses on one Character trait school wide.


Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.  The office is closed on all holidays listed on the school calendar and during weather-related school closures as determined by the Douglas County School District.


Main Office:   720-851-STAR (7827)

Attendance Line:   720-851-7827 ext. 238

Fax:   720-851-0976

Email: [email protected]


For a complete list of NSA Staff, please click here .


School hours at North Star Academy are from 8:30 A.M. to 3:15 P.M.

First Bell:   8:30 A.M. 

Tardy Bell:   8:35 A.M.

Dismissal Bell:   3:15 P.M.

Kindergarten A. M. Session:   8:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.

Kindergarten P.M. Session: 12:15 P.M. - 3:15 P.M.

Students should not arrive on the school grounds before 8:00 A.M., as there is no supervision available prior to that time.  The school cannot assume responsibility for students who arrive before 8:00 A.M. 


The NSA Accountability Committee is composed of parents and staff who meet quarterly to discuss and/or study school issues, and to set goals to improve the educational experience for NSA students.


Regular attendance is considered critical for a good education at North Star Academy.  We strongly encourage parents to see that students attend school on a regular basis.  The following will be considered reasons for an Excused Absence:

  • Illness
  • Medical appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school time
  • Family Emergencies or funerals

If your child is absent or tardy for one of the above reasons, we ask that you please call the school attendance line (720-851-7827 ext. 238) as soon as possible.  This will eliminate a call to you at home or work.  Parents are asked to notify the office, in writing, when they have prior knowledge of upcoming absences and/or early dismissals.  Upon returning from an absence, bring your child's teacher a note explaining the absence.  The student will have two days to complete school homework.  If the student completes all work in the allotted two day period, they will be given full credit for the work.

When a student leaves during the course of the day, a parent/guardian must show identification and sign them out at the office.  Students may not be checked out from the classroom.


Whether or not a child rides a bicycle to school is the decision of the parent.  Once on school grounds, children riding bicycles to school must walk their bicycles to the bike rack at the southeast corner of the building.  The bike rack is kept locked during the school day.  At no time should children ride bicycles on school grounds.  We encourage all students to wear bicycle helmets.  Any child observed continually violating unwise safety regulations when riding a bicycle to school may be asked to discontinue using their bicycles as a means of getting to and from school.  Skateboards, scooters, Rollerblades, and roller-skate are not to be brought to school.


Keeping parents informed of the happenings at NSA is a priority.  The most effective method of obtaining information is on our web site.  Weekly updates will be as follows:

  • Principal: A Pause From Ms. Haws
  • Teachers: Each staff member will keep a weekly Classroom Web Site on all homework assignments and information relative to each grade level

Even with the best communication, problems arise in any organization that may need to be addressed.  Problems are always best solved at the level at which they occur.  If your child is experiencing a problem in the classroom, contact the teacher.  If the issue is not resolved at that level, contact the Principal.  The Principal will listen to the concern and schedule a meeting with the teacher and parent to help resolve the issue.

If you have any issue regarding discipline or general school issue, please contact the Principal directly at 720-851-7827 ext. 206 or email [email protected] .


Parent/Teacher conferences are held in the Fall and Spring, following 1st and 3rd quarters, for all parents.  We encourage parents to stay in close contact with teachers and other school staff throughout the school year.  At any time during the year, if you have concerns about your child's progress, please call and schedule a time to meet with the appropriate staff member(s).  Scheduling such conferences before or after school will prevent the interruption of valuable instructional time.


Day Care is not offered at the school site.  However, there are a number of quality providers in close proximity to the school.


Good discipline is not only expected at NSA, it is taught.  Five basic character traits are stressed at NSA.  They are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Citizenship

During the course of the year, these assets will be directly taught through staff example, literature, discussion, assemblies, and any event or material deemed appropriate.

Because good behavior is part of the NSA experience, we feel that little time will be needed to correct inappropriate behavior.  The following are simple rules we expect all students to comply with:

  • We will not use inappropriate language: swearing, foul speech, and name-calling
  • We will not harm another person by threatening, fighting, kicking, or any physical action that would be harmful or degrading
  • We will not be abusive of our own property, another's, or the school's
  • We will not cheat on any of our schoolwork by copying another's, changing answers, copying from another source, allowing others to copy from us, or forging signatures
  • We will not lie
  • We will not bring any object to school that looks like or is a weapon.  Examples: knives, guns, and pepper spray
  • We will not throw food or objects in the cafeteria
  • We will not run or yell in any part of the school
  • We will not steal
  • We will not chew gum at anytime in the school

In addition to the above, we expect our students to be on time.  Any student with four or more tardies will be considered habitually truant.  Parents will be contacted by the Principal.

Any student not in compliance with the NSA Uniform Policy will be sent to the Principal who will immediately contact the parent.

First Offense

If one of the rules is violated, the child will be sent to the Principal.  A Pink Slip will be issued to the student that they must have signed by their parent/guardian and returned the next day.

Second Offense

The student will be sent to the Principal.  A Pink Slip will be issued that the student will take home and have signed by the parent/guardian.  The Principal will call the parent and schedule a meeting with the student, teacher, and parent.

Third Offense

The student will be sent to the Principal.  A Pink Slip will be issued for the student to take home and have signed by the parent/guardian.  The Principal will call the parent and schedule a meeting with the student, teacher and parent.  At the conference, the student will be placed on an Intervention Contract.  The student, parent, and Principal will design a contract to assist the student in replacing his/her negative behavior with acceptable behavior.  The student will meet with the Principal each Friday to review their progress on the Intervention Contract.

Fourth Offense

A fourth offense will be considered continued disruptive behavior.  The student will be suspended for a minimum on one day.  All schoolwork missed will be completed at home.  The student will receive 50% credit for worked missed and 0% for any tests missed.  Serious breaches of conduct, such as weapons, assault, theft, threats, or continual disruptive conduct will result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion. 


To download a copy of our Uniform Policy in PDF, please click here .


As stated in North Star Academy's (NSA) mission statement, the academic curriculum will be delivered in a "safe and orderly environment". In order to fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of the school, NSA has chosen to require Uniforms for its students. This is different from a dress code, which simply specifies a general piece of clothing which may come from any vendor source and be in any style or finish (e.g. a pair of Khakis and a White polo shirt). A Uniform Policy is a much more defined and detailed policy, requiring students to wear specific Uniform items in the specified styles and colors, from approved Vendors. A Uniform Policy is more defined than a dress code, and is much easier to implement and follow.


The learning environment of any school is significantly influenced by student's attire. The purpose of NSA's School Uniform Policy is tri-fold. First, to promote school unity and pride; second, to lessen peer pressure and the expense of fashion; and third, to minimize the distractions and disruptions that ordinary clothing tends to attract.
Enrollment in NSA constitutes acceptance of this policy, agreement to adhere to it, and acknowledgment of discipline for noncompliance as set forth in the NSA Student Code of Conduct.

Student Uniform Dress Standards
NSA adopts the following Student Uniform Dress Standards:

General Uniform Dress Standard

The standard attire for NSA students shall be the NSA Student Uniform ("Uniform"). Uniforms shall be worn during school hours, unless specified otherwise in this document or by the Administration of NSA. The school's Principal may also require the Uniform to be worn during school sponsored activities, as they deem appropriate.

Organizational Uniforms such as Cub Scout, Brownie, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout Uniforms may be worn in place of, or in addition to, the NSA Student Uniform. If the Organizational Uniform does not include all clothing elements, e.g. no specified Organizational Uniform pants/skirt, the applicable NSA Uniform component should be worn with the Organizational Uniform components. Labels, emblems, and logos (except the approved NSA logo) are not permitted on clothing.

All approved Uniform items within this policy are listed on the accompanying chart, including colors, style numbers, approved vendors, and specifications on logos and monograms. Catalogs and website links for online shopping are also available. The NSA Uniform collection includes Mayfair Plaid, which is primarily Blue, Maize (Yellow) and Black and will compliment the overall Uniform color palette - Khaki, Navy Blue, White, Pale Blue and Maize (Yellow). Uniform policy requirements are highlighted on the NSA website for easy reference and ordering.

General Uniform Guidelines

Specific Uniform Items are outlined below for easy reference when shopping and on the school website at

  • Uniforms shall fit properly, be in good repair and season/weather appropriate.
  • Used Uniform items may be worn by new owners. NSA will conduct a used Uniform sale at the end of each school year.
  • Items shall not be frayed, ripped, torn, or contain holes not originally manufactured in the garment.
  • Uniforms shall fit properly and ride at the natural waist.
  • Belts may be required to insure proper fit among even the youngest students, o versized or baggy fitting.
  • Excessively tight fitting, revealing or suggestive Uniforms shall not be worn.
  • Collard shirts or turtlenecks shall be worn, even when sweatshirts, sweaters and jumpers are worn.
  • Skirts and skorts should be hemmed a minimum of 2" below the student's fingertips at their sides.
  • Some items will require embroidered school logos.
  • Uniform items may be monogrammed to easily identify your child's Uniform from another's, but monogramming is never required.
  • If any attire is deemed unacceptable, a parent will be called to replace the item. The student may not be allowed to attend class until that change is made.
Girls Approved Uniforms

  • Accessories - Mayfair plaid Ties, Hair accessories, etc. will be available at Educational Outfitters; other complimentary accessories can be purchased at the retailer of your choice.
  • Blouse - Peter Pan Collar, Long or Short Sleeve, White, Maize (Yellow) or Blue, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Jumper - 2 pleat, Mayfair plaid, Educational Outfitters.
  • Jumper - 2 pleat solid, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Oxford - Long, Short or ¾ Sleeve, White, Maize (Yellow) or Blue, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Pants - Pleated or Plain front, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Pants -Elastic Waist or Cropped Chinos, Khaki or Navy Lands' End.
  • Skirts - Pleated, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Skirts - Pleated, Mayfair plaid, Educational Outfitters.
  • Shorts Pleated or Plain front, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Shorts -Mayfair plaid, Educational Outfitters.
  • Skorts - 1 or 2 flap, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Skorts -Mayfair plaid, Educational Outfitters.
  • Sweater - Fine Gauge Cardigan, Navy, or Maize (Yellow), Lands' End.
Boys Approved Uniforms
  • Oxford - Long or Short Sleeve, White or Blue, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Pants - Pleated or Plain front, Reinforced Knee or Elastic Waist, and Cargo style, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Shorts - Pleated or Plain front and Cargo style, Khaki or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Shorts -Mayfair plaid, Educational Outfitters.
Coed Approved Uniforms
  • Accessories - Mayfair plaid Tie or Cap, Educational Outfitters.
  • Outerwear - Polar Tec Jacket of Vest, Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End - Optional item.
  • Spiritwear - Long or Short sleeve, "logo'd" T-shirt, Navy or White, Educational Outfitters.
  • Spiritwear - Crew neck sweatshirt, Navy, Educational Outfitters.
  • Spiritwear - Zip hoodie, Navy, Educational Outfitters.
  • Sweater - V-neck
  • Cardigan, Pull over, or Vest, Navy or Maize, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Tops - Polo, Long or Short Sleeve, White, Maize (Yellow), Blue or Navy, Educational Outfitters or Lands' End.
  • Tops - Turtleneck or Mock, White, or Maize (Yellow), Educational Outfitters or Lands' End. 

Student Grooming


Hair shall be clean, neatly groomed, uncolored/unbleached beyond natural tints, and follow the natural shape of the head. Girls may wear color coordinated hair accessories. No beads, yarn, fabric or other items may be braided into hair. Boys' hair shall not extend below the top of the shirt collar in back, and it shall not be worn in a ponytail, mohawk, or otherwise outrageously styled.

Body Art

No tattoos (temporary or permanent drawing or writing including stickers) of any kind will show on the body. Body parts shall not be pierced, except as allowed for girls' earrings.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Girls may also wear nail polish in a single color for all fingers of both hands. No other nail decoration, including jewels, initials, or patterns, shall be worn. Boys shall not wear earrings, makeup, or nail polish.


Girls may wear one earring per ear, hoops not to exceed ½". One each of the following items may be worn by boys or girls: simple necklace (not too large or bulky), bracelet, ring, watch.

Uniform Items Selected by the Student


Socks/hosiery, Belts, Shoes and other applicable accessories must be complimentary to the NSA Uniform and color palette; season and weather appropriate; in good condition; represent your student, your family and the NSA in the best possible way.


Safe and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Inappropriate footwear includes, but is not limited to, roller skates, skate shoes and bedroom slippers.


Temporary exceptions to the clothing requirements of this policy may be granted by the Principal for hardship, as an individual reward, or as part of an Alternate Uniform Day. Exceptions to the clothing requirements of this policy shall not include exceptions to the Grooming Standards set forth herein, unless expressly authorized by the Principal. Upon request, reasonable accommodations in the Uniform Policy shall be made by the Principal for students with disabilities or religious convictions which conflict with the code.

Uniform Policy Alternatives

Uniform Policy for Special Occasions (Formal Dress Uniform/FDU)

For special occasions like picture day, special school programs or other activities as designated by the Principal the Formal Dress Uniform (FDU) shall be worn. This will allow our students to show their strong sense of school pride in a very consistent and more formal way. Formal Uniform items may also be worn as Standard Uniform items.

  • Boys: Khaki pants or shorts, Blue Oxford shirt - Long or short sleeve, Navy Blue vest and Plaid tie.
  • Girls: Plaid skirt, Blue Oxford shirt - Long, 3/4 or short sleeve , Navy Blue vest.

Uniform Policy for Field Trips (FTU)

All students attending field trips must wear their NSA Field Trip Uniform as outlined below or as otherwise directed by NSA staff. This will help to insure the safety and easy identification of our students. No student will be permitted on the field trip unless they are wearing the approved NSA Field Trip Uniform.

  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts, with a "Logo'd" Navy Blue top.
School Store(s)
All NSA Uniforms are to be purchased through one of our approved vendors. Each organization was chosen due to the affordability, accessibility, quality and variety of sizing of its clothing. 2006-2007 School Year Approved Vendors include:
  • Educational Outfitters - Plaid and Standard Uniform items, and other select Spirit wear/optional items.
  • Lands' End Standard Uniform items and other select Spirit wear/optional items.

Educational Outfitters

Educational Outfitters has been selected as our vendor of choice for Plaid and Standard Uniform items, in addition to being an excellent resource for various "Logo'd" items for Spiritwear, Outerwear, and other optional purchase items like backpacks, book bags, etc. This vendor offers a 5% rebate program based on all registered school sales and proceeds go back to the school for debt reduction and program enhancement. They have an excellent reputation, are easy to work with, conveniently located and are more reasonably priced then most other Plaid Uniform vendors.

The Educational Outfitters store is located at:

8170 South University Blvd. (NE corner of County Line and University)

Centennial Colorado 80122


Lands' End

Lands' End carries our Standard Uniform and selected Spiritwear/optional items. Lands' End Uniform items are available at , (returns can be made at Sear's dept. stores). Lands' End will donate 3% of all clothing sales back to the school for debt reduction and program enhancement.

The Preferred School Number for NSA is: 900108804

The following ordering options are available:

Phone: 1-800-469-2222

Mail: Lands' End School

2 Lands' End Lane

Dodgeville, WI 53595-0640 USA

Fax: 1-800-332-0103

Fax orders may be placed with a credit card or gift certificate. When ordering, please sign the order form where indicated and include your credit card number and expiration date.


Step By Step Online Order Instructions:  

  • Go to .
  • Choose the category (Uniforms for Girls or Uniforms for Boys) and click on the appropriate size range.
  • Select the product category (polos, pants, shorts, etc.).
  • Select the item and click the size next to the color you would like. If you need help with sizing, you may click on the Size Chart link.
  • Enter your preferred school number in the box that will appear after the item is ordered.
  • If your school has a logo, the logo description will appear and you may apply it by highlighting it in the drop down menu.
  • Place the item in your shopping bag and continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  • All school products will be displayed. Please keep your school's dress code and logo policy in mind.

Minimum Required Uniform Purchases


Female Students

Male Students

Formal Uniform

Plaid skirt (Educational Outfitters), Blue Oxford, Navy Blue vest

Khaki pants or shorts, Blue

oxford shirt, Navy Blue vest, and

Plaid tie (Educational Outfitters)

Field Trip

Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts, with a "Logo'd" Navy Blue top.

Khaki pants or shorts with a

" Logo'd" Navy Blue top.

Standard Items

Mix and match based on your child's size, style and preference requirements. Select enough standard and formal items from the list to meet your child's needs.

Student Selected Items

Accessories (shoes, socks/hosiery, belts, etc.) should follow Uniform guidelines, but are selected at the vendor of your choice. All Uniform items deemed optional (e.g. "Logo'd" polartec vests, etc.) from the approved list are NOT required Uniform items, but may be purchased through our approved vendors.

Additional Items

Additional NSA "Logo'd" items will also be available through Educational Outfitters during special sales events (approximately on a quarterly basis).  We will announce Sales Events in advance.  NSA will benefit from the proceeds of these Special Sales Events through a rebate program.  We will have the following types of "Logo'd" items available:

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Backpacks

  • T-shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Notebooks

  • Notepads

  • Key chains

  • Water bottles

  • Beanie winter/ski caps

  • Book bags

  • And More!

At all times throughout the year, we must have current emergency contact information for your child(ren). Parents are asked to keep this information updated with changes in place of employment, emergency numbers, or contact telephone numbers. Forms are available in the office for you to make these changes. If it is difficult for you to stop by, contact the office and we can send these home with your child(ren).

On the emergency card there is a section entitled MEDICATION/PERMISSION. This is part of the Douglas County Board of Education policy on "Administering Medicines to Students" which states, "The parental consent for the use of acetaminophen (Tylenol or other brand names of acetaminophen) is a part of the emergency card". Please make certain that this section of the emergency card is completed.

Incorrect information could place the health/safety of your child at risk.



The school clinic is staffed by a school secretary who works in connection with the District nurse to address the needs of students who come to the clinic.

Contagious Disease

Many communicable diseases are as contagious before the symptoms appear as afterwards. For this reason, parents should keep their children home whenever they appear to be ill, even with a common cold. However, parents are urged to consult a family physician for professional advice in such matters. Parents will be contacted under the following conditions: temperature of 100 degrees or more, vomiting, serious injury, and other questionable concerns of the clinic staff.

Immunization Law

Colorado State Immunization Law requires all students to submit a Certificate of Immunization or Exemption to attend school. Colorado now requires DPT, Polio, MMR, Varciella and/or chicken pox verification, and Hepatitis immunizations - the number depends upon the age of the child. If shots are not up-to-date, only 14 days are given to provide documentation that the required immunizations have been completed before exclusion will occur.

Statement of Exemption is allowed for medical, religious, and personal reasons when properly documented and signed.


Prescription medication, including inhalers, will be administered at school only when the following requirements have been met: a form (download form(s) below) has been signed by a parent/guardian; written instructions have been provided by the child's health care provider; medication is in its original labeled container and is a current prescription; and the medication is labeled with the child's name, medication's name, dose, and times to be given. School personnel will only administer the first day's dose with a parent's written request. A 924 form and physician instructions are required to continue to administer medication.

Over-the-counter medications are discouraged but, when absolutely needed during the school day, will be administered when the following requirements have been met: parents have signed the 924 form and the medication provided comes in its original labeled container. The dose and timing will be determined by what is considered age acceptable on the medication itself if different than parent requests.

Medication sent in baggies or envelopes will not be given in the school setting.


Homework can take several forms:

  • As a general guideline, an assignment not finished in class will be sent home for homework. These assignments have been taught in class that day and are reviewed by the teacher before being given to the students. Many homework assignments may fall into this category.
  • Other assignments can include those used to strengthen skills, such as working on math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) or studying spelling words. Many of these assignments involve memorization and repetitive practice and are conducive to parents working one on one with their child.
  • Some assignments are given to enrich or extend a lesson. An example might be building a structure for science. These assignments may need more parent support at home

Amount Of Anticipated Homework Time Per Grade Level:

  • Kindergarten - Grade 1: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Grades 2 - 3: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Grades 4, 5, 6: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

This amount is to include 15 to 30 minutes of reading.


A lost and found container is maintained at the school. It is the child's responsibility to check the container periodically for lost clothing or belongings. Student clothing and other items are kept until the end of each month. If a name is written somewhere on the article of clothing, every effort is made to return it to the student. All unclaimed clothing is given to charitable agencies. To help prevent lost items, please label your child's belongings.

*Electronic devices such as "Game Boys", Walkman, radios, i-Pods, walkie-talkies, cell phones, pagers, etc. should not be brought to school. These items may be confiscated and turned in to the school office.


NSA contracted with Lunch On The Go Catering to provide lunch to your children should you choose to purchase a hot lunch for your child in place of a sack lunch. For $2.50 per lunch, your child will be served a nutritional lunch prepared fresh daily with age appropriate portions.

Robinson's Dairy provides white, chocolate and strawberry milk to NSA. Please note that hot lunches do not come with milk. All students will have the option to purchase milk, whether they have bought a hot lunch or are bringing their own sack lunch.

NSA uses a punch card system to track the consumption of milk by individual students. If you choose to have your child drink milk for lunch, please send a check for $30 on the first day of each semester, which covers the cost of milk for one semester. Please do not send cash. Make checks payable to North Star Academy.


In the case of an emergency or unforeseeable circumstance, a message can be delivered to your child(ren). All messages must be delivered to classrooms by 3:00 P.M. Please make all after school arrangements before school.


Parties are limited to two occasions during the school year, Halloween and Valentine's Day. Teachers will assign Room Mothers to collect money from each child to help defray the cost of refreshments and will make arrangements for the parties. No individual birthday parties are held at school. Treats and refreshments are not to be sent to school for an individual child's birthday due to allergies and medical concerns.


Children must have a note from home for temporary exclusion from gym activities specifying the dates applicable. In many cases, children can learn from instruction given, and from observation even though they do not participate actively. If a child cannot go outside with the class, they will be given schoolwork to do or be kept in the clinic. Permanent exclusion from gym class requires a doctor's written notification. Tennis shoes must be worn.  As a safety measure no street shoes or platform shoes will be allowed.


The lunchroom playground supervision is done by the P.E. Teacher in conjunction with the Principal and Assistant Principal. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and to remain visible to aides at all times. Body contact sports (tackle football, rugby, wall ball, chasing, etc.), throwing of inappropriate objects, and dangerous games/activities are not allowed. Children may not leave the playground or school boundaries without permission. Parents who wish to volunteer for periodic playground supervision are asked to contact the school office. Training and additional information will be provided.


Report cards are sent home at the end of each nine weeks of school. If a concern arises before a report card is received, parents are encouraged to contact their child's teacher. It is our policy to contact parents whenever we are concerned about the progress of individual students. NSA report cards will be accompanied by an explanation of the grading system. A mid-term progress report is sent home with each child between the fourth and fifth week of each quarter. If there is any concern on the part of parents regarding the mid-term report they are encouraged to contact the child's teacher.


Children develop safety habits by practicing them and following proper examples set by adults. Please encourage children to cross streets only at corners and crosswalks, to look in all directions before crossing, to enter cars only from the curbside and never go between parked cars.

At all times, students are to walk only on the sidewalks or designated paths and follow the same safety precautions they do when crossing a major street. Parents using the parking lot must use extreme caution and drive 5-10 mph.


North Star Academy will follow all school closures with the Douglas County School District ( ). Please call the Snow Hotline, 303-387-SNOW (7669) for updates. NSA follows the same procedures that are announced for Douglas County Elementary Schools. Broadcasts are usually made on local television and radio stations between 6 A.M. and 9 A.M. Information can also be found on media websites ( 9News , 850 KOA ). This includes school delays (late start) or complete closure of the school.


Although the school supplies are many of the materials needed by children in their schoolwork, students are also asked to furnish some of their own supplies. A supply list is sent home with students the last day of school, posted on our website and may be picked up in the school office. In all cases, supplies should be labeled with the child's name.


Various formal and informal assessments are administered to all grade levels throughout the school year. The dates for formal assessments are published in the monthly calendar and throughout the year in the newsletter. Copies of the results are shared with parents and, if requested school administration is available to discuss individual student results with their parent(s). In addition to these assessments, instructional tests or diagnostic tests, and informal assessments may also be given to children. These results may be obtained from the child's teacher.


Children are allowed to use the school phone in case of an emergency. Arrangements to go to a friend's house after school should be made at home before children arrive at school.


MOVING??? Please send a note or call the school registrar if you plan to transfer or withdraw your child from school as soon as possible. This will allow us to process a student's records, anticipate a request for records from the next school, and ensure a smooth and timely transfer or withdrawal process.


To insure safety, all visitors must check in with the office staff to obtain a visitor pass before going to the classroom. Anyone not known by our staff, ID will be checked. Parents and other interested adults are invited to visit school/classes on a frequent basis.


Students are expected to arrive on school grounds no earlier than 8:20 A.M. and are asked to go directly home after dismissal.

  • Upon arrival at school, students are asked to line up quietly and calmly at the outside door of their classroom. Teachers will allow their students to enter the building with the first bell.
  • Students may enter the building prior to 8:30 A.M. if an INSIDE DAY has been declared due to inclement weather. Look for the red flag on the flag pole to indicate an INSIDE DAY has been determined.
  • Once students have arrived on the school grounds, they are not allowed to leave during the school day without a parent, guardian, or designee signing the student out in the office.
  • Upon dismissal, students will exit their rooms from the front entrance.
  • Students are expected to go directly home at dismissal time.


Students are to be quiet and orderly in the hallways.

  • Teachers will accompany students to specials classes, the cafeteria, and special programs.
  • Inappropriate behaviors such as running, yelling, pushing, jumping, and destructiveness will be dealt with by all staff members.
  • Students are to have hall passes unless accompanied by an adult.


Students are expected to be mannerly in the lunch room.

  • Noise levels should be reasonable. When the lights are turned out, immediate silence is expected, and all movement must stop.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning their table and floor area before leaving the cafeteria.
  • All food and drink items are to be consumed in the cafeteria.
  • Students may go to the playground after an educational assistant has dismissed them.


Students are to be on playground or blacktop areas. They are to be visible to the educational assistants on duty at all times.

  • No food is permitted on the playground.
  • Fighting (real or play) is not an appropriate activity.
  • Contact games such as Chase, Red Rover, Crack the Whip, Wall Ball, tackle football, slide tackles (in soccer), and rugby are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Hard balls, baseball bats, skateboards, Rollerblades, and electronic equipment (such as radios and tape players) are not permitted on the playground.
  • Students may not throw or kick rocks, sand, snowballs, ice, or any objects that might hurt others.
  • Students are expected to line up in the appropriate area. When the whistle blows, play time stops immediately.
  • All equipment will be used with common sense and safety in mind.


Students will enter and exit assemblies in a quiet and orderly manner.

  • Students will demonstrate courtesy to our speaker(s), presenter(s), and performer(s), and to other members of the audience.
  • Students will sit flat, remain quiet, and give their best attention.
  • All members of the audience will show appropriate appreciation (applause is acceptable).