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School Directory

Would you like to set up a play date with your child's classmate?  Are you wondering how to mail birthday invitations to your child's school friends?  Have we got the resource for you...the NSA School Directory!  In your child's Thursday Folder is the 2007 / 2008 School Directory Form.  If you would like your family contact information to be included in this year's School Directory, please complete and return this form no later than Friday, September 28th!   If you would like to purchase a copy of the School Directory ($3.00), please complete the bottom of the form and send your payment in with the completed form.  We will NOT have extra copies of the School Directory to distribute once the order is placed, so it is important to return your form by the deadline.  We hope to have the School Directories distributed to families by the end of October.  Don't miss this chance to be connected to your fellow NSA Families!! 

Art Supplies Needed

Uh oh!  Our budding van Gogh's are about to cut off their ears if we don't get them some art supplies!!  Well maybe they wouldn't go that far, but a few donations would help!  Mrs. Q is trying to gather supplies for a unit called 'Day of the Dead' in October, and is in need of tissue paper (various colors, but bright warm colors are preferred and used is acceptable), pipe cleaners (no colors specified), old used candles (no new ones please), and finally a big skeleton (think old Science Department or Health Class full size model).  Sounds like a lot of fun!!  If you are interested in donating these supplies and / or can track down a full-size skeleton, contact [email protected] .  Remember to submit a receipt (Attn: Dawn D'Amato) for all donated supplies so you can receive volunteer hours credit.

Scrip Volunteer Hours

Scrip Volunteer Hours will be logged on a monthly basis by the Scrip Hours AVC.  Please do NOT log any hours for Scrip purchases in VMS.  We anticipate having hours logged for the previous month by the first Friday of each month.  If you have not turned in your volunteer forms, and are not approved in VMS, we will NOT be able to log your Scrip Hours!  If you have any questions about your Scrip volunteer hours, please contact Andrea Murri at [email protected] .

Return Volunteer Forms

If you have registered on VMS and are wondering why you cannot log your hours, it's because we have not received your volunteer forms and you have not been approved to volunteer.  We still have approximately 100 families that have not registered in VMS and / or have not signed and returned their volunteer forms!  All volunteer forms (Volunteer Expectancy, Traffic Duty Acknowledgement, and Confidentiality) can be found on the NSA website in Volunteer Central under Handbooks and Forms ( click here ).  So get those forms in to the Front Office TODAY!

At Home Projects

Our At Home Projects bin (located in our Volunteer Connection area in the Main Foyer) has been filling up fast with at home work from our teachers.  If you are looking for volunteer work that you can do from the comfort of your home or after school hours, please stop by the Volunteer Connection desk and pick up a packet of work.  You must sign out the project (sign out sheet located next to the At Home Projects bin), and most importantly, you MUST return the project to the teacher by the date indicated on the request form!  We want our teachers to continue to use the At Home Projects bin so not only do we need to do a great job on the project, we must return it ON TIME!  All volunteer hours for these projects should be logged to the At Home Projects Event in VMS.

Traffic & Safety Volunteer Recruitment

At NSA, we recruit Traffic Duty volunteers throughout the school year by grade level.  We start with Kindergartener families, and work our way up to 6th grade.  So if you haven't received a recruitment email, don't panic, we will get to you!  If you enjoy Traffic Duty and would like to work additional shifts above and beyond your 7 mandatory shifts, sign up to be a Traffic Duty Substitute.  Simply sign up in VMS and select 'Traffic Duty Substitute' in Interests, or see a Traffic & Safety AVC.  We ask that you do NOT randomly show up for Traffic Duty, or sign yourself up to work via the Traffic Duty sign in sheet.  You must be contacted by or speak to a Traffic AVC to be scheduled for Traffic Duty.  Contact [email protected] with questions.

Box Tops / Labels Contest

Snip and clip your way to extra volunteer hours and earn your student a reward!  Start saving those labels for our new Quarterly Star Classroom Collection Contest!  Click here for contest details!  Contact [email protected] with questions.

Volunteers In Action

Have you been caught in the act...of volunteering?  If so, your picture may just appear on our Volunteer Connection bulletin board (located in the Main Foyer above our new volunteer computer (for logging hours), new desk, and chairs)!  We will be snapping pictures of our energetic and dedicated volunteers throughout the school year, and posting those pictures on our Volunteer Connection bulletin board.  So be on the lookout because you never know when you'll be caught in the act!

Ashley Gearing
When You Wish Upon A Star