If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the area coordinators.

Volunteer Area 


Area Coordinator(s)  


Email Address  

Accelerated Reader
        Karie Bundy
        [email protected]  
Box Tops/Labels
        Paula Fox         [email protected]
Building Maintenance         Laura Hartley          [email protected]  
        Stacey Hein
        [email protected]  
Library/Media         Jennifer Smith
        [email protected]  
Lunchroom/Playground         Laura Hartley          [email protected]  
Room Parent (K-2)
        Michelle Comerford          [email protected]  
Room Parent (3-6)
        Ginger Peterson
        [email protected]  
Scrip Orders          Andrea Murri/Angie Cape
        [email protected]  
Scrip Volunteer Hours
        Andrea Murri
        [email protected]  
Spanish and Specials
        Sheri Brothers
        [email protected]  
Traffic and Safety

Linda Corbett

Erika Montgomery

Misty Coulston 

        [email protected]  
Volunteer Appreciation          Lori Williams          [email protected]  
Ashley Gearing
When You Wish Upon A Star