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In order to fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of the school, North Star Academy (NSA) has chosen to require Uniforms for its students. This is different from a dress code, which simply specifies a general piece of clothing which may come from any vendor source and be in any style or finish. A Uniform Policy is more defined and detailed, requiring students to wear specific Uniform line items in the specified styles and colors, and is much easier to implement, enforce and follow.


The learning environment of any school is significantly influenced by student's attire. The purpose of NSA's School Uniform Policy is tri-fold. First, to promote school unity and pride; second, to lessen peer pressure; and third, to minimize the distractions and disruptions that ordinary clothing tends to attract. Enrollment in NSA constitutes acceptance of this Policy, agreement to adhere to it, and acknowledgement of discipline for noncompliance as set forth in the NSA Parent Handbook.

Uniform Dress Standards:

General Uniform Dress Standards  

The standard attire for NSA students is the NSA Student Uniform ("Uniform"). Uniforms shall be worn during school hours, unless specified otherwise in this document or by the Administration of NSA. The school's Principal may also require the Uniform to be worn during school-sponsored activities, as they deem appropriate.

Organizational Uniforms such as Boy Scout, and Girl Scout Uniforms may be worn in place of, or in addition to, the NSA Student Uniform. If the Organizational Uniform does not include all clothing elements, (e.g. no specified Organizational Uniform pants/skirt), the applicable NSA Uniform component should be worn with the Organizational Uniform components.

General Uniform Guidelines 

The NSA Uniform collection includes Mayfair Plaid, which is primarily Blue, Maize (Yellow) and Black and complements the overall Uniform color palette - Khaki, Navy Blue, White, Light Blue and Maize.

  • Labels, emblems, and logos (except the approved NSA logo) are not permitted on clothing.

  • ALL tops (shirts, vests, sweaters, and sweatshirts) will require the embroidered school logo, beginning the first day of the 2007-2008 school year. Approved embroidery vendors are listed at the end of this document.

  • Uniforms must be in good repair and season/weather appropriate.

  • Items may not be frayed, ripped, torn, or contain holes not originally manufactured in the garment. Oversized or baggy-fitting Uniforms and excessively tight fitting, revealing or suggestive Uniforms shall not be worn.

  • Used Uniform items may be worn. NSA will conduct a used Uniform sale at the end of each school year.

  • Uniform items may also be monogrammed to easily identify your child's Uniform from another's, but monogramming is not required.

  • During the timeframe beginning when students leave for fall break until students return from spring break, NO shorts may be worn. Footed tights or knee socks must be worn with skirts, skorts and jumpers during this period complimentary to Uniform colors, e.g. navy, white, light blue, yellow.

SHIRTS  Navy Blue, White, Maize and Light Blue 

1. Polos (short-sleeve or long-sleeve

2. Turtleneck

1. Polos (short-sleeve or long-sleeve)

2. Turtleneck

3. Peter Pan Blouse (short-sleeve or long-sleeve 

SWEATERS  Navy Blue, White and Maize

1. Sweaters (pullover or cardigan)

2. V-neck Sweater vest

3. Sweatshirt 

1. Sweaters (pullover or cardigan)

2. V-neck Sweater vest

3. Sweatshirt 

BOTTOMS  Navy Blue, Khaki and Mayfair Plaid 

1. Pants (flat front or pleated)

2. Shorts (flat front or pleated) 

1. Pants (flat front or pleated)

2. Shorts (flat front or pleated)

3. Skirt (classic pleated skirt only)

4. Skort/Scooters (flat front or pleated Mayfair plaid only)

5. Jumper 


1. Polos (navy or white)

2. V-neck Sweater vest (navy)

3. Pants (Khaki) 

1. Polos (navy and white)

2. Sweater vest (navy)

3. Skirt (Mayfair plaid) 

  • Navy, White and Khaki Uniform items can be purchased from any vendor of choice with a Uniform line. Uniform items must follow NSA Uniform Policy guidelines as not all items are available from all vendors.

  • Maize (yellow) Uniform tops and sweaters can be purchased from Lands End only.

  • Light Blue Uniform tops can be purchased from Lands End and Educational Outfitters only.

  • Mayfair Plaid Uniform items can be purchased from Educational Outfitters only.

  • Mayfair Plaid Skort must be knee length with 2 front pleats and 2 side tabs with buttons. Note that this Skort may not be an appropriate length for all girls.

  • The required Navy V-neck sweater vest must be purchased from Educational Outfitters only.

  • All shirts, sweaters, vests and sweatshirts are required to have the NSA logo. No extra stitching or pockets allowed on any shirt, sweater. vest or sweatshirt. Note that not all shirts are available in all colors.

  • Sweaters should be of a fine gauge, soft knit fabric. No ribbing or cable.

  • Collared shirts or turtlenecks (no mock turtlenecks) must be worn, even under approved sweatshirts ( no hoodies ), sweaters and jumpers.

  • Pants and shorts should be of a cotton blend, twill fabric. No Capri pants. No cargos.

  • Shorts must be knee length, flat front or pleated. No cargos.

  • Skirts must be knee length, and the classic pleated skirt only. No A-line pleated skirts.

  • Khaki and Navy Skorts / Scooters must be knee length, plain, flat front with non-visible shorts inside and no visible pockets.

  • Jumpers must be knee length, have 2 front pleats with drop waist, 2 front buttons on the dropped waist, and no visible pockets.

  • Belts are required with any Uniform bottom with belt loops, complimentary to Uniform colors, e.g. black, brown, white, blue, yellow.

Cool/Winter weather guidelines specify that students may wear the following over an approved, collared NSA top with required NSA logo:

  • An approved NSA pull-over or cardigan sweater (no cable knit) in Navy, White or Maize, NSA Logo required.

  • An approved NSA Navy, V-neck sweater vest, NSA Logo required.

  • A crewneck sweatshirt in Navy, NSA Logo required (no hoodies).

Cool/Winter coats, hats, gloves and boots are student choice items, and must be removed once inside the school. Boots need to be replaced with shoes as stated below.

Shoes shall compliment Uniform colors, e.g. black, brown, white, khaki, blue or yellow - no Crocs.

  • Casual and dress shoes must be solid black, brown, white, khaki, blue or yellow, and no more than one inch in height at the heel. Styles recommended, but not required, include Loafers, Oxfords and Mary Janes.

  • Athletic shoes must be in good repair and free of any design or decoration (such as Spiderman, glitter shoestrings, etc. Manufacturer's name and/or logo acceptable). Shoes with wheels in the bottoms are not allowed. Approved athletic shoes must be worn on PE days.

  • Boots may be worn to school or during recess in inclement weather. Boots must be removed in designated areas within the school building and replaced with shoes.

Student Grooming


  • Hair shall be clean, neatly groomed, uncolored/unbleached beyond natural tints, and follow the natural shape of the head.

  • Girls may wear color-coordinated hair accessories. No beads, yarn, fabric or other items may be braided into hair.

  • Boys' hair shall not extend below the top of the shirt collar in back, and it shall not be worn in a ponytail, mohawk, or otherwise outrageously styled.

Body Art

  • No tattoos (temporary or permanent drawing or writing including stickers) of any kind will show on the body.

  • Body parts shall not be pierced, except as allowed for girls' earrings.

Makeup and Nail Polish

  • Girls may wear nail polish in a single color for all fingers of both hands. No other nail decoration, including jewels, initials, or patterns, shall be worn.

  • Boys shall not wear earrings, makeup, or nail polish.


  • Girls may wear one earring per ear, hoops not to exceed ½".

  • Boys or girls may wear one each of the following items: simple necklace (not too large or bulky), bracelet, ring, watch.


Temporary exceptions to the clothing requirements of this Policy may be granted by the Principal for hardship, as an individual reward, or as part of an Alternate Uniform Day. Exceptions to the clothing requirements of this Policy shall not include exceptions to the Grooming Standards set forth herein, unless expressly authorized by the Principal. Upon request, reasonable accommodations in the Uniform Policy shall be made by the Principal for students with disabilities or religious convictions, which conflict with the code.

Dress of Choice Days (DOC)

Dress of Choice Days are given the first Friday of each month as a reward for those students who have not received a Uniform Policy Violation during the previous month. On Dress of Choice Days, the guidelines for general grooming that is stated in the Uniform Policy still apply.

On Dress of Choice Days, please follow these general rules for clothing:

  • Uniform Policy rules regarding hair, cosmetics, and personal grooming are still applicable.

  • Jeans may be worn, but only jeans that are in good repair.

  • T-shirts may not have any sayings, which relate to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, or any offensive phrases as determined by the Principal or Vice Principal.

  • Bare midriffs are not permitted.

  • Shorts, Skorts and Skooters acceptable if knee length.

  • Clothing must be of the appropriate size.

  • If any attire is deemed unacceptable, a Uniform Policy Violation Notice will be given and the parent will be called to replace the item. The student may not be allowed to attend class until that change is made.

Uniform Policy Violations

If any attire is deemed unacceptable the following actions will occur:

  1. A Uniform Violation notice will be sent home with the student.

  2. On the second occurrence, another notice will be given, a parent will be called to replace the unacceptable item, and the student may not be allowed to attend class until that change is made.

  3. On the third occurrence a pink slip will be given and a family-Principal conference will be scheduled.

In addition, any student receiving a Uniform Policy Violation Form will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled Dress of Choice Day.

Uniform Store(s)

NSA Uniform items can be purchased through the following suppliers for the 2007-2008 School Year:

  • Educational Outfitters (EO) - the only approved vendor for the Mayfair Plaid and Light Blue items, also approved as a supplier of Mix & Match Uniform items, and other select optional items.

  • Lands' End - the only approved vendor for Maize (Yellow) and Light Blue items, also approved as a supplier of Mix & Match Uniform items and other select optional items.

  • Other Vendors - some Mix & Match Uniform Items can be purchased from retailers of choice with Uniform lines (e.g. French Toast, Kohls and Gap). Items must follow NSA Uniform policy guidelines as not all items are available from all vendors.

Embroidery Vendors

The following approved vendors contain the necessary specifications to embroider the NSA logo on all shirts and sweaters.

  • Educational Outfitters

  • Lands' End

  • Mutch More Embroidery - 7344 S. Alton Way, Centennial, CO 80112 720/851-4850

  • Embroidery & More - 12543 N. Highway 83, Parker, CO 80134 303/805-1406

Please refer to the NSA Boys and Girls Catalog(s) and individual retail locations or websites for the most up to date pricing and details. Specific style and color guidelines have been outlined in the NSA Boys and Girls Catalog(s) to assist in shopping. These guidelines will ensure that a consistent, clean-lined look is maintained while allowing families to shop with more flexibility.

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