Scrip Program

This painless fundraising program with the funny name can be a powerful tool for NSA. The concept is simple: parents buy gift certificates, otherwise known as "scrip" from their favorite retailers at face value through NSA. NSA purchases these gift certificates at a discount, putting the difference in price to work for necessary school needs. This is a convenient way for NSA parents to support the school without writing several smaller checks throughout the year, plus it avoids having to send your children door-to-door selling other things like candy and wrapping paper.

Heading to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping?  With a little planning ahead, you can purchase a gift card to your preferred grocer, and use it pay for your groceries, which, in turn, gives 3-5% of the gift card value back to NSA.  Planning a night out with your family for dinner and movies?  Why not go to one of the restaurants or movie theaters which helps support our school?  Many of the restaurants we offer give over 10% back to our school and the movie theaters give at least 7%.

We urge you to give this program a try.  Not only will you earn volunteer hours (please see the Volunteer Handbook for additional details on our Basic Program, our Scrip Enhancement Program, and information on donating Scrip to NSA) by using Scrip gift certificates to purchase items you would normally buy such as groceries, but you will also be benefiting our students by earning NSA revenue on your purchases.  If you have family members in the area, they too are welcome to participate in Scrip and earn volunteer hours for your family!  So get those grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends of the family a Scrip order form today!

For your convenience, Scrip is IN STOCK at the Front Office for the following vendors: King Soopers, Safeway.  You can write the check, grab the Scrip, and head to the store.  

Make checks payable to NSA Scrip

To purchase Scrip and support NSA, you can :

SchoolCenter Picture See Angie Cape at the Front Office between the hours of 8am-Noon Mon.& Tues. and 8am-3:30pm Wed. & Thurs. to purchase IN STOCK Scrip.

SchoolCenter Picture Complete the Scrip Order Form ( click here ) and send it to school with your check by Friday.

SchoolCenter Picture Fax your order to 303-987-0681 by NOON Friday and send your check to school by Monday.

SchoolCenter Picture Email your order to  [email protected] by NOON Friday and send your check to school by Monday.

SchoolCenter Picture Order Scrip online at by NOON Friday and send your check to school by Monday. Our school's enrollment code is C344BC7213368. You'll need that to place the order online.

SchoolCenter Picture Please complete the bottom section of the Order Form including Student Name and Teacher so we know how to deliver your order. With all the students having new teachers this year, this information is imperative to getting your order delivered properly.

SchoolCenter Picture As always, please contact Roni Lambrecht at [email protected] or 303-716-0521 to share your comments and questions with us so we can make this a better program for you and NSA.

SchoolCenter Picture Scrip Getting Started Flyer

SchoolCenter Picture Scrip Order Form

SchoolCenter Picture List of Participating Retailers

SchoolCenter Picture NSA Program Codes for retailers    

SchoolCenter Picture What's New in Scrip - Get the latest information on new retailers, increases in discounts to schools, and gift card denomination changes at: