North Star Academy is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors responsible for providing strategic leadership to the school, operating as a policy maker and delegating the day-to-day management of the school to is Principal.

Board Calendar

The Board has created an annual calendar of major board decisions. This calendar includes meeting dates, review dates for policies and a timeline of district requirements. 
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Annual Strategic Plan

The Board feels it's important to have both long and short-term vision for NSA. To help with this they created an annual strategic plan. This plan is updated each spring during the Board's strategic planning meetings and summarizes the key strategic initiatives the Board is focusing on for the upcoming school year.

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Board Policy Manual

A primary responsibility of the Board is to develop and evaluate school policy with the best interests of our students in mind. Every policy is reviewed annually by the Board.

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The North Star Academy Bylaws describes the composition, regulation and limitations of the NSA governing board of directors.
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