Did you know… that there really are certain items that should NEVER go into the landfill?

We can use this opportunity to teach our children lessons in Responsibility to our community, Respect for our selves and our earth, Integrity in practicing what we preach, Excellence in our efforts to teach others what we all can do to make a difference, and overall Citizenship !

Let's all do our part toward SAVING THE EARTH , and help our school earn a little or a lot of cash just by bringing these recyclable items to our school, rather than allowing them access to the landfills...

  • Empty Inkjet Cartridges

  • Empty Laser Cartridges

  • Used Cell Phones

  • Laptops ( please include power cord)

  • PDA's/Palm Pilots (please include all accessories)

  • iPods ( please include all accessories)

These items can be collected from Home, Work, Businesses, Family, Neighbors, Friends…

The Cartridges For Kids (CFK) organization will pick up all items from our school and inventory them. We will receive varying amounts of money for the items we collect and then our school gets a check. That's it! So simple!

Please drop off your collected items to the front office.


We have attached two convenient cards for each family to use when shopping for office supplies at Office Depot or OfficeMax. When shopping in-store, please show the clerk this card before they ring in your purchase. When shopping online, please take a couple extra seconds to post the purchase you made to your school. After you make the online purchase, copy down the invoice # of your purchase, then click on the link to give 5% Back To Schools and enter the info, so our school gets credit for your purchase.

At Office Depot, you can still use your advantage card to get your own savings, plus they donate 5% to NSA at no cost or loss to you. Please ask your business to participate too. It doesn't cost them a penny, just a couple extra seconds when placing an order to input NSA's #.

Thank you for taking the time to help our school make free money!!!!!

Office Depot/Max Card


Campbell's Labels for Education

A Campbell's Labels for Education collection bin has been placed in the copy room at school for label collection.  Collection is easy! Clip and send in UPC's. (Front Panel Product Labels are not accepted.)  You may send the labels to school with your child, or drop them off yourself.  Please see the attached flyer for eligible products, and thank you for supporting the Labels for Education Program.

Click here for a list of eligible products.